Figure Skaters For Christ
by Brigitte Laskowski
Windsor, Ontario

The Perfect Skate

Ice will always be smooth without ruts, divots or bumps.
Your skate boots will always fit correctly without pain in your feet.
Your boots will never be too loose or too tight.
You won't have bunions or hammer toes.
Your body will never tire or get sore.
Your blades will always be level sharpened with the correct hollow and rocker for you.
Your laces will never break.
You can spin in any position you feel like and still be well centered with speed.
Foot work will not be work at all but a joy that comes with ease.
Every spiral, bauer and spread eagle will be full of grace.
Jumps will always have a correct take off edge that never skids.
Jump rotations will not be merely 4 rotations but a perfect complete 7 rotations.
Landings on jumps will be smooth and sure.
Best of all, you have an everlasting invitation to skate before the King of Kings.
How do you get an invitation like this to skate for the King of Kings?
First accept the King's open invitation to all who are willing to come.
The invitation reads like this, 'If you will confess with you mouth the Lord Jesus and will believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead you shall be saved.'
'For God So loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, for whosoever believes in Him shall not parish but have everlasting life.'
John 3:16 Come skate for the King of Kings!
.....Co-authored by Brigitte Laskowski & Marj Rusling">

If you like to watch figure skating live, then check out The Figure Skating Channel on below. See Figure Skaters' Market has been updated, , Biography and B L News Update

This website, Figure Skaters For Christ was started because I am a Christian and I like figure skating very much. Because I also noticed that not many skaters were saved, I was motivated to create a site for skaters to get to know God and to get to know other skaters that are saved. So, I made the site thinking maybe some skaters will get linked to my site and read the salvation message I have here and accept Jesus into there hearts.

It would be great to see more saved skaters like Paul Wylie, R. Todd Reynolds, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Susan Humphry, Jennifer Robinson, Ravi W., Rosalyn Sumners, Janet Lynn, Timothy Goebel, my former coach Kristi Thornton and my new coach Sunni McDonald.

A Bit About Me The Founder of Figure Skaters For Christ(FSFC)

On this site there is an Online Figure Skating Prayer Chain where you can read others prayer requests and see the latest things and people for whom I am praying. Please post prayer requests at Figure Skaters For Christ at Yahoo Groups.

Need low cost flight, hotel or car rental for your trip to the skating competition or just for your vacation? Try "I did and saved a bundle when I competed in Skate Canada's COS Adult Spring Skate. You also get much nicer hotels for your money too. Brigitte Laskowski, Canadian Competitive Adult Skater.
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When faced with a challenge, say this to yourself. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Elvis Stojko, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Jennifer Robinson and other recent pro skaters welcome to the elite rink now that your a true Competitive Adult Skater.
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