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CCM Magazine
CCM Magazine

Magazine DescriptionEvery month CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) takes a hip, entertaining, and thought-provoking look at what's happening in the world of contemporary Christian music. CCM seeks to promote spiritual growth by using contemporary music as a "window" into issues of life and faith. You'll enjoy industry news, artist interviews, revealing articles, music reviews, latest release coverage, and much more.

Charisma & Christian Life
Charisma & Christian Life

Magazine DescriptionCharisma & Christian Life is published eight times a year to educate and challenge the Christian charismatic renewal community. Each issue presents the latest news from a Christian perspective. Get the most out of dynamic Christian living, with Charisma & Christian Life.


Magazine DescriptionPray! is a bimonthly magazine that will revolutionize your thinking about prayer. Pray! contains thought provoking articles from leaders of the prayer movement, excerpts from classical books on prayer, uplifting news updates, and biblical instruction on prayer.

Petra : a Christian Rock Band who has many Grammies and Dove Award.
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DC TALK: A Christian Rock/Rap Group that has won Grammies and Dove Awards. They even recorded my husband's and my song "Things of This World" on their "NU Thang" cd
World Hope International
GRock :Christian Music with a really really different sound:Heavy metal, Techno and other weird stuff. It would be really cool if Elvis Stojko and Michael Weiss skated to some of this music.

women of faith

promise keepers

Figure Skaters for Christ's Prayer Request no longer exists but you can join and ask for prayer at Figure Skaters For Christ Yahoo Groups.
Online Figure Skating Prayer Chain Christians, fans and/or even figure skaters, can join the prayer chain. AS I am now a competing skater too, I have not the time to keep up with who is doing what. So I suggest you post who needs prayer at Figure Skaters For Christ Yahoo Groups instead.

Let's keep praying for Elvis Stojko and his family. You can post ElvisPrayers here.

If you'd like to pray for famous skaters, coaches, judges and skating officials and other famous people, consider joining csministries Celebrity Prayer Group , another Yahoo Group.

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