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Figure Skaters for Christ's Prayer Request: You ask the Online Figure Skating Prayer Chain to pray or give praise report. Updated: Regularly
Online Figure Skating Prayer Chain: Christians, fans and/or even figure skaters, can join the prayer chain. Date Last Updated: 1999
Temple Christian Academy:TCA has "Meal"lenniun Cookbooks for sale for this Christmas.
My youngest daughter Pam's site.: Pam is 13 and going into grade eight. Pam will be attending M. S. Hetherington this fall before moving to her sister's highschool Riverside Secondary School
My oldest daughters page.: Tiffany's Page PS: Her real name is Christine and she'll turn 15 on October 10th.

You can listen to Nanosecond's (Dan's and my)entire cd, Plastic World online.
Elvis Stojko, Jennifer Robinson, Todd R. Reynolds and Barb Underhill own an earlier unreleased version of Nanosecond's Plastic World cd.

At the Plastic World of Nanosecond you can use RealPlayer, QuickTime or Mpeg to hear the songs. The lyrics are also listed.
Visions Copyright 1997

Things of This World Copyright 1985

Hey, skaters check out our new video
Things of This World from our Plastic World cd which can be requested
on Much Music's Much On Demand
or you can request to see the video on Crossroads Television Systems CTS's
CCM Countdown
Our group name is Nanosecond on the label East Castle. We've a new website for music;

You may see our video on The Wedge
The Wedge can be seen on Much Music

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