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Elvis Stojko 1997 World Exhibitions

Elvis Stojko King of the Ice

Bid for 45 minute lesson coached by Elvis Stojko to raise money for RMCCThree Pics of Elvis

Online Skating Video of Many Many Skaters. Take a look.

Jeff Buttle's Official Website
Joannie Rochette's Official Website
The Hydro Page: The Bourne & Kraatz Official Home Page:
SLAM! Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz: Bourne and Kraatz, best dance skaters in the world.
Todd Eldredge . net
Alexei Yagudin
Figure Skating
Barbara Underhill's Official Webpage
Jennifer Robinson's Home Page You can do it Jenny!
Elizabeth Putnam & Sean Wirtz :by my friend Brett Barden in BC, Canada. This is an official website.

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