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Date Last Updated:March 1st, 2006


Name: Brigitte Gitta Laskowski (formerly St. Amand)
Place of Birth: Quebec City, PQ
Birth Date: July 10th, 1962
Home Town: Windsor, ON
Age started skating:37
Skating Club: Club Tecumseh Skating Schools
Present Coach: Vern Taylor
Past Coaches: Karey Rudling, Kristy Schuster
Choreographer: Hazel Murphy
Music for 2005/2006 season:
Canadian Freeskate: Narnia Suite
US Freeskate: None
Interpretive: None

Married to Dan Laskowski 22 and 1/2 years. Have two teen aged children, Christine Melody age 21 (Studying 3rd year at Windsor University in the School of Dramatic Arts.) and Pamela Jean age 20 singer of the group Snoeshoes. All of us are singer/songwriters and our music can be found on musicinit.com

Interests: Playing flute, guitar, recorder and sing in church and other performances. Skating interests other than training and competing; program assisting on Junior and CanSkate sessions, working to get tests passed in order to become a skating coach, running Figure Skaters For Christ and Competitive Adult Skaters. I'm a figure skating music editor, do the fundraising, advertising and website for my skating club.

I began to learn to skate as an adult in October 1998 but I did not start to learn to figure skate until October of 1999. The Olympic season of 1997-1998, Elvis Stojko inspired me to try skating for myself. My skating club at first was Windsor Figure Skating Club until August 2002. I use to be Windsor FSC's webmaster (Now Skate Windsor). Their email is windsorfsc@yahoo.com. For 2002-2003 I skated with Riverside FSC. As of Sept. 2003, I became a Club Tecumseh member/skater.

During the spring of 2000, I skated at Champions Training Center in Tecumseh, ON. Summer 2000 I skated at South Windsor Arena through the city 5 days a week.

The first year I was skating I learned ice dancing only until towards the end of summer 2000 when I began learning freeskating. Although, why they call it freeskating, I don't know. It's not free. It cost mega bucks just like ice dance and pairs.

I competed in adult ladies singles in 2001 and 2002 but once again this year I'll be doing both adult ladies singles and adult interpretive FS. 2002-2003 had me coming back from having surgery to remove an ovarian cyst which was done on Oct. 4th, 2002. Nov. 11th 2002 marked my second week back on the ice after surgery. I had to relearn everything almost as I had next to no ab muscles due to the surgery. But it's so much fun on the ice. I'm an ice jump junkie.

My Favourite skater is Elvis Stojko. If you get a chance to see his, SK8 with Elvis Stojko show, do it. It's well worth it. His hydroblading spins are awesome. And yes, his footwork was fast. Just getting back from London, ON's SK8 With Elvis Stojko show has inspired me to push myself back into shape for competition. Skaters you must see Elvis' show if you can.

PS: Dan Hollander, if you're reading this site, do check out the applet on the first page about the perfect skate. It takes place, where? In heaven. Loved your adaptation of my message.

Previous Seasons

Date Past Competitions Results Music Used
April 2001 SC COS Adult Spring Skate Bronze I Don't Want To Miss A Thing written by Dianne Warren
February 2002 SC WOS Bernie Deveau Adult Invitational Bronze Smooth by Santana
March 2002 North American Adult Invitational Gold Smooth by Santana
April 2002 SC COS Adult Spring Skate 4th due to sleeping while skating. Smooth by Santana

Month Year Past Competitions Freeskate Music Interpretive FS Music
February 2003 SC WOS Bernie Deveau Adult Invitational
Did bow out due to lack of time to recover from surgery.
Sambi Pa Ti by Santana Head Over Feet by Alanis Morissette
March 2003 North American Adult Invitational Sambi Pa Ti by Santana 4th place Pewter medal Come Together by Crystal Lewis 8th wrong type of program but skated well
April 2003 SC COS Adult Spring Skate Sambi Pa Ti by Santana 2nd Silver medal I'm Gonna Fly by Amy Grant 3rd Bronze medal
May 2003 Ann Arbor Springtime Invitational Ran out of money and couldn't register. Next year. Also have acute right Achilles tendon and knee sprain and power loss in right calf.

2003 - 2004 Season

Month Year Upcoming Competitions Prelim Freeskate Music Interpretive FS Music
January 31 & February 1, 2004 SC WOS Sun Parlour Star Skate
Austin Powers (Soul Bosa Nova & Shagedelic Austin Powers Medley)
My event cancelled due to lack of other competitors entering on time.
Did not enter interpretive.
February 21-22 2004 North American Adult Invitational Bronze Medal in Freeskate. 6th in US interpretive (really showcase). Austin Powers (Soul Bosa Nova & Shagedelic Austin Powers Medley) but shorter than Canadian. Shorter version of When You Believe from Prince Of Egypt
March 26-27 2004 Skate Canada 2004 Adult Championships Bronze for FS and 13 for interpretive which was judged as a showcase event for the 35 to 45 age class. I had the wrong type of program (real interpretive). Twilight Time When You Believe from Prince Of Egypt
April 16-18 2004 SC COS Adult Spring Skate COS no longer has the Adult Spring Skate competition. Why I don't know. Ask them.
May 20-23 2004 Ann Arbor Springtime Invitational It's now May and it's just around the corner. Twilight Time but shorter than Canadian version. I've opted out of competing in US Adult Interpretives because they are showcase events and it's like throwing dice. Move over ice dance under the 6.0 system. You're more likely to have real judging and you're not gambling. When the USFSA starts having real interpretive events categories and not showcase, I will then enter interp again.

Brigitte Laskowski Skating News Articles


Feb. 8th, 2003, I found out that I need to change the length of my Canadian interpretive from 3 mins to between 1.5 mins to 2.5 mins. So instead of messing around with Head Over Feet, I've decided to go with a new piece of music; "I'm Gonna Fly" by Amy Grant. I am going to save Head Over Feet for another time.

Riverside Skating Club had their Pasta Dinner and their Bring A Friend Day on Feb. 9th, 2003 at Riverside Arena in Windsor, ON from 3 PM to 7 PM. Of course I attended being that it is my home club plus I was monitoring the CanSkate(learn to skate), WeeSkate (preschool CanSkate) and part of the Preprelim sessions before my good friend Kristin from Detroit, Mi joined me for pasta and then skating on my intermediate session. We had a blast. She helped me find a way to fit in my dances in my small rink. I started to learn the Hickory Hoedown which being Canadian I'll never test because we don't have that dance here. Then I showed her my footwork sequence for my US interpretive. She showed me her lutz combo and her falling leaf flip combo. She taught me a footwork step that I'm going to get in my program and I her. I showed her the right open inside mohawk and then right crossover to closed inside back mohawk move which she wants to put in her program. It was great to see Kristin again. Can't wait to see all my US adult skating buddies at North Americans in Wyandotte in March.

March 2003 Riverside SC's Pop Concert danced to all three preliminary dances one after the other as the music changed and didn't miss a beat. No breaks in between.

April 2003, went to Toronto with eldest daughter who was auditioning for Ryerson's Drama program. She did very well but we're still waiting for the results to see if she gets in. I ate at the Burger King at Keel and Wilson with my daughter and got food poisoning. I think it was the Whopper (meat) because my daughter ordered it too but didn't eat hers and she was fine. I was sick all night and the morning of my competition. And I competed in Thornhill, ON as noted above. I thought that the Toronto bus and sub service extended into Thornhill but it didn't. I had to wait along time for the Go Bus to show up and he was kind enough to let me on to get to the competition. I also want to thank my friend from the University SC who gave me a ride back from the rink to Toronto as my car was back at the hotel. While at the competition, I rooted on almost every skater especially my competition. I think I rooted on Chandra a little too much during the interpretive and the coaches saw it. LOL I'm my own worst enemy. LOL.

May 2003 I'm working on my dances a bit more now that I'm done competing for the year and because my right Achilles tendon and right calf are bothering me. It hurts to do swing rolls and just basic stroking. I can't get any power from my right calf when I try the loop jump. It's also a problem with my toe loop and backspin. My waltz and salchows are doing fine. My poor COE RFO to RFI spiral is lacking in height and position and sometimes mid way through the spiral especially near where I change edge my right leg wants to give out on me. Definitely taking the summer off from skating to gain strength and heal up for the fall.
I'm going to have my actress university bound daughter work with my on next year's interpretive programs. Yes, I'll have two of them again next year as Canada and the US have different interpretive times. I'm keeping my freeskate Samba Pa Ti for next year so I can work on my elements (backspin, sitspin, layback, loop, flip and lutz). I know I can't pass the prelim test now being I'm injured but I certainly hope to pass it in the fall of 2003.

May 23, 2003, passed my Canasta Tango by getting 5 satifactories and 1 good on the pattern even though the day before, I had the wrong timing. The reason I had the wrong timing was that all this time before the test day, I was looking for a drum beat. ROTFLOL Me a musician and I didn't get the beat before test day. Talk about being out of it. Well to my credit, I don't write or play tango music so that's why I didn't get it before that. 4 dances left to go and then I'm done dance forever. Oh, and I did the test with my right Achilles tendon and knee hurting from being sprained.

May 24, 2003, worked out at the gym, ate with my friend at the mall and then went out to the restaurant to meet my husband and his parents as usual. The unusual happened. An hour after I was done eating at the restaurant at 9 PM, I started to get pain in my right kidney, then the left kidney. 15 minutes later while waiting in a grocery store parking lot for my mom to finish her groceries, it hit me hard in the stomach and intestines. It was the worst stomack pain I ever had including giving birth. I came down with food poisoning for the third time in my life. I'm still not over it and it's now May 31, 2003. Each time I got food poisoning was from a restaurant. I don't remember where I ate the first time although I remember it was last summer in July that I got it. The second time was from eating a Whopper at a Burger King in the Toronto area near my hotel around 9:30 PM before heading over to the Toronto Cricket and Skating Club to guest skate for my competition at the Skate Canada COS Adult Spring Skate in April 2003.

June 16th, 2003: Finally got food poisoning test results back. Well, I thought I had food poisoning but the test was either not done early enough or I never had it in the first place in May. So this brings me to the point where I still don't know what was making me sick. I still have some pain (very limited now) and indigestion. My doc wants to perform a scope on me to see what the cause is. I want to wait and see if it will go away on its own. It seems to be slowly going a away and then it returns. My husband thinks I may have been poisoned from a house hold cleaner that I was using to clean the bathroom. I don't know.

Week of June 17th to 20th, 2003:Have been looking for movie sound tracks which I can adapt onto ice for my US adult (or adult Bronze) interpretive (1:40) and Canadian Adult Bronze Interpretive (1:30 to 2:30). So far, I'm thinking of maybe doing the Prince Of Egypt (When You Believe) and Fame. But I'm still searching.

June 21, 2003:I'm back at the gym after a month away from the gym and it's like I never lost a beat. I can still do all the weights, stretches and exercise I was doing before getting sick. I'm done to 160 lbs from 178 bls which is what I weighed from Sept. to the end of Febuary. The cyst put a lot of unwanted weight on me. I still would like to loose another 10 to 15 lbs more. I'm 5 feet 8 inches tall. And I'm wearing now which I haven't worn for over a year or two size 14.

Summer 2003:I've been for the most part not skating. Exceptions include guest skating in Nashville with Nashville FSC and skating on the public ice on Tuesdays at Tecumseh Arena where once most have left, I can jump, spin and do footwork to my hearts content. I've even run though my programs. That is what I remember of them. LOL I've been playing around with an ina bauer which ends up flipping from an outside leading edge to an inside edge so I do the 3 turn and then either go into a spin or do a toe loop from it. And then there's the spiral sequence into a jump. I first do a LFO spiral, then RFI op mo to a LBI edge doing a LBI spiral into a salchow without putting my freeleg down. Done it successfully 3 times now. My jump height has increased from almost nonexistant since spring to 5 to 6 inches off of the ice (Witness my friend Marj). I have now 6 rotations on my forward spin. Just wish I could cross my freeleg over so I could double that. Having a timing problem with my loop, flip and lutz(Mainly arms and freeleg). Still can't get my computer to let me reinstall Easy CD Creator. Need it to work badly. I've got to get my Prince of Egypt interpretive FS music done.

Looks like I'll be changing clubs once again. I most likely will sign up with Club Tecumseh tecumsehskatingschools@yahoo.ca Their prices for ice time are excellent. I wonder how many from Riverside will jump ship and move to Tecumseh?

Aug. 28th, 2003: I did sign up with Club Tecumseh and will start skating with them on Sept. 9th, 2003.

Oct. 2003: Got my loop and flip to rotate and land on two feet. I have a lazy freeleg that needs some talking to. Backspin is almost at two revs. Forward spin sometimes gets upto 9 rotations but mostly is 5 rotations. My new coach is Colleen Matheson and my choreographer is her brother Sean Matheson. It's been quite an experience having a choreographer for the first time. Almost everytime in the last month that Sean and I got together to work on my interpretive program, my program has been totally changed around and I have to start new again. Thankfully last time Oct. 10th, 2003 we didn't have to change a thing but just add on the footwork section. Now we are about halfway through it. We haven't started my freeskate yet because Sean, a University student, has been studying for mid terms and hasn't had time to send me the times for the cuts for it. I'm thinking I just may surprise him and cut it without his input. Club Tecumseh has been wonderful. All the coaches treat me with respect. They are even begging me to teach Learn To Skate and CanSkate. I have a way with the kids to get them doing the skills they're suppose to be taught. More later.

Oct. 27th, 2003: This past week, my coach asked me if I wanted to become a coach when I was just calling her to ask her to phone Jose's house to tell her that I had her backpack which she left at the rink in her hurry to fix her skate before her next competition. I guess my coach and others at Club Tecumseh have been noticing my teaching abilities? I said yes. So now I not only have to pass my prelim FS. I have to gear up to pass the last of my prelim dances; baby blues. Plus, I think I'll have a go at the Junior bronze dances or maybe Junior bronze freeskate. I also need my introductory interp test and prelim skills passed too. Ok, now for progress. Getting closer to one footing flips and loops. Speed has increased dramatically in my skating expecially backwards since my coach has been picking on me for my backward edges scrapping with the toe picks. I also got a 3 fast rotation sitspin for the first time in my life time during my lesson on Friday. Now I just need one foot on flip and loop, more rotation on the backspin and a camel spin to pass my prelim free. Other thing I need is to get my prelim free program choreographed. My interpretive has been changed by my coach and I since my choregrapher (coach's brother) is so busy with University. Can you tell, I've got alot on my plate skating wise? ROTFLOL OH, I still need a sponsor badly to to get to Adult Canadians because I can't afford it any other way.

Nov. 25th, 2003: I got a sitspin going but not the normal classic sitspin. Not me, I have to be weird and do the Broken Leg Sit Spin. Well, my coach is excited about my Broken Leg Sit so she has me doing them by themselves and in combination in my interpretive program. I also learned to do a RFO Rocker and a LFO twizzle with a right foot cross at the end. Trying to lean the RFO Twizzle too. These are in my interpretive. I'm also for sure going to be competing at Skate Canada's Adult Canadians in Burnaby, BC March 25 to 27, 2003. Will actually be there from the 22nd to the 29th though. Now I really have to get sponsors badly. If you wish to sponsor me, please email at Brigitte Laskowski.

Dec. 30th, 2003: Participated in Tecumseh Skating School's (Club Tecumseh) annual Christmas skating show skating to my interpretive freeskate, "When You Believe" from the Prince of Egypt Soundtrack. I was the warm up, the show kick off and by the time I got 20 seconds into my program I had the audience eating out of my hand. The audience wasn't as big as I thought it would be and we didn't have the rink with the nice seats for the show. The poor audience had to shiver on wooden benches because a hockey game was playing on the good pad of ice. Hockey! Even though myself and another skater did a live interview on the local CBC radio for the Christmas show, the turn out was small. I guess not many listen to CBC radio in the Windsor area. I also performed for the Ontario Histortical Vehical Society singing, playing guitar, flute and recorder during their Christmas party at Heritage Village. Did an interview with the Windsor Star and had photos done by them for their sports section but they still have not printed it yet. I'm gathering that they are waiting for Skate Canada's Regular Elite Canadian Nationals to print it. Who knows, maybe some big sponsors will be reading the artical then and take me on? Booked my flight to Burnaby and sent in the forms for Sun Parlour, North American Adult Invitationals and Adult Canadians. Still have yet to get a feminine piece of music worthy to which I can skate for my freeskates. I have to start thinking of shortening my interpretive program for NAAI and Ann Arbour. I'm now getting a proper start in my forward spins. No longer cheating with my freefoot touching the ice. Haven't worked on my backspin since club ice before the Christmas show. Can do salchows from both Mohawks and 3 turns now. I'm going to try to get my flip from the 3 turn to see if that will help. I'm trying to do the loop from back crosscuts now. So far, I'm all tangled up and can't seem to manage to stop doing the crosscuts. LOL Ran through all my singles in Goodlife's Gym including waltz/toe, waltz/loop, salchow/toe, salchow/loop, loop/loop, loop/toe, flip/toe and flip/loop. Tried lutz off-ice too and twisted up my shin muscle having to stop off-ice. Shin feels fine now. I think, I'm going to wait on the axel until after NAAI since I can't even use it in US Adult Bronze competition anyway. Been visting public skating ice in Windsor and found it very crowded. I was lucky to get a few upright and corkscrew spins done and the rest of the time, I spent teaching anybody interested in learning the basics. Will be skating at Tecumseh Arena tomorrow on their public ice. Love their public ice because I'm free to do what I want as long as I watch for non-skaters and small ones. I can sort of run through program sections, jumps and spins even though the ice is much more choppy than club ice. That just makes me appreciate my club ice more. Still don't have skating dresses. My coach says she has some dresses that might fit me from when she was competing. I wonder just what they look like and if they would even fit me. Have to have her bring them in January for me to try them. Otherwise, it's coming to the crunch with the dresses and the freeskate music.

Dec. 31st, 2003:I finally made the Windsor Star and canada.com to boot. See "Brigitte Laskowski Skating News Articles" link above.

Feb. 1st, 2004: Found and bought a dress for my freeskate number this past week. Also found another adult skater from another club who wants to compete. We've done ticket ice together once already and will be doing it again this coming Wednesday. Last week I went to Hamilton to watch the Freedance and Ladies Freeskate at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, ON. Saw Magen Wing and Aaron Lowe win their second 4CC Bronze medal. Once again Meg and Aaron, "Way To Go, Magen and Aaron!!!" Saw other skaters I know too. Met up with Barbra Underhill and Paul Martini in the hallway in between the freedance and ladies freeskate. Met the owner Mark of Ice Life at 4CC too. Hope to do business with him soon. Still waiting for those Ice Life .gifs. I like to link sites using .gif logos and add my stamp of approval if I've ever used the merchandise and like it.

March 21st, 2004: Getting packed and ready for Adult Canadians. I've changed my freeskate program to Twilight Time and I like this one much better than Austin Powers. I feel the music more. Made the mistake of putting too much weight on the adductor machine at the gym (Goodlife Fitness at Devonshire Mall) and now my sit change sit doesn't want to sit and the salchow is tempermental at times. I'm a bit too tight in the adductor muscles right now. Maybe by Friday, I'll be fine for the freesakte. I've cut my When You Believe interpretive FS down from 2:59 to 2:46 so that I don't have a part that just seems boring to me, the audience and the judges and so that I won't go over the music time allotment.
My stomach is nervous and excited. Nervous about flying in a plane again. Haven't flown since I was 6 and 1/2 months pregnant with my youngest who is now 18 and almost old enough to compete at Adult Canadians. That last time I flew it was if my daughter wanted to be born through my throat. Not a good feeling. I really hate take offs and landings. I don't drink for two reasons. One my faith and the other is that I'm allergic to alchohol. Let's say, I'll be bringing my bible with me and doing some hefty praying on the plane. Now I'm excited to meet all the other adult skaters who will be competing at Adult Canadians. I'll get to meet Mary from Nova Scotia first on the Jetsgo plane. Might meet up with a few others from the Hamilton area and Toronto areas too. I'm wondering if the entire WO section group will be on my plane. I wonder who will be at the Meet and Greet party at the Keg?
My husband has a competition too in the Vancouver area. He'll be beating it out on the drums in the World's Fastest Drummer competition. For more info, go to his site Teach Me Drums It's going to be a mad dash running back and forth between our competitions trying to see each other compete.
Well, off to Burnaby we'll all go.

May 1st, 2004: I attended the WOS AGM today. I was half a day late but it didn't matter because the morning was taken up by sub-committe meetings that I wouldn't have been able to attend anyway. I had a busy plate the night before and couldn't leave Windsor for STratford until 8:30 AM. I got to sit with Sheri Moir during lunch ( I ate before attending because I didn't buy a lunch ticket.) and talked with her a bit. Then Carol Moir, her mom and the WOS Programs Director, came over to introduce herself to me and asked me to talk with her after the meeting. The Festival Inn was the hotel that held the WOS AGM meeting. Most of us ladies missed the bathroom by walking passed it because they had no sign to tell us to turn left. Instead we ended up where there were more guest rooms. LOL It wasn't until we were walking back towards the dinning room that we saw the location of the ladies room. Now for the serious stuff. Peter Drury has made it onto the WOS board for the 2004-2005 season. Congradulations Peter!!! Lot's of talk was about CanSkate competitions, the lack of powerskating competitions and skater rentention. I guess they need attention too. I spoke up for the WOS Adult Skaters taking the floor talking about the need for more events to add adult categories, so that we could get a chance to test out our programs before heading out to Adult Canadians to compete. Let's say, are Canadian competitions were few or none before Adult Canadians. For many of us Adult Skaters, Adult Canadians were are first Canadian event of the season. And most likely the only Canadian event of the season, especially with the COS taking away their annual COS Adult Spring Skate usually held in April in conjunction with the COS Fun Competition. It would be great if the Adult Only competitions, such as the Bernie Deveau and the Max Guald(sp) competitions, could become the adult skaters' sectional qualifiers events to lead to Adult Canadians some day. Of course all the other sections need to have an event like these before we can have qualifying events or it wouldn't be fair to those skaters who qualified, when others didn't have to qualify. Another proposal (idea) is to have qualifying rounds at Canadians for those categories that have more than 24 skaters, just like Reg. Canadians. This would make more sense until all the sections get at least one adult only competition which would become the qualifying competition for Adult Canadians. One thing I forgot to address to the WOS was about allowing adult skaters who have no adult only freeskate, adult dance and adult pairs sessions in their clubs to be able to skate with the kids (StarSkate and Competitive) on the session in which they feel most comfortable with their coach's approval. I for one skate with the competitive skaters being the only adult skater out of CanSkate and who competes. I actually like to have the junior bronze (juvenile) to senior skaters wizzing by me. I also like the abilty to watch them to learn how to do an element or fix it even though they are doing more revolutions than myself. It's good for the kid's moral and for us Adult Skaters. The kids cheer me on and I cheer them on. Skating is not just for the young but for those young at heart and soul. These are things I would have never picked up skating on adult only sessions. I was the only adult skater in attendance at the WOS AGM. If we adult skaters want change, we need to attend the AGM's and take action. Just ranting in emails not showing your face, not being committed doesn't send out a strong enough message to WOS that Adult Skating is growning and that one day we adult skaters will be their meal tickets.

June 19th, 2006: Sorry that's it's been a long time since I posted on my website what has been going on with me. To catch up here's what has happened with me since the end of June of 2005. I was off of the ice for months because of a work place injury that I sustained. I won't go into details on how it happened but I will tell you what it left me with. I received from the accident at work two herniated discs in my upper back/neck that gave me nerve related problems which had me have at times no feeling in some of my fingers, lots of pain in my arms, shoulders and neck. Then while that was happening, my body decided it was time to switch from a young woman to a menopausal woman. This change resulted in me loosing too much blood and at one point in Sept. of 2005 I had to be brought to the hospital because I was so dehydrated , in pain, light headed and way to low in iron. In Jan. of 2006, I had a procedure done that fix the whole problem but at the time, I didnít know that I was so run down that I had caught a bad strain of flu which lasted until Just before Easter. I did return to the ice in Jan. but in a weak form and really couldnít do anything more than stroke.
Spring skating has been good to me except for the fact that the skates I have are too wide in the back upper ankle/heel area. Iíve been trying to find ways to make my skates fit better but I may just have to break down and put out the cash to have it professionally fixed for me. Darn weird feet and ankles of mine!!! Iíve been regaining some of my elements back although I have yet to get my loop, flip and lutz consistent or my backspin to happen at all. It might have to do with the way my feet are fitting in my skates. I was to have tested my baby blues dance to complete my prelim dances but even though I was skating the dance alright, I had to scratch because of an injury I got the second week of June during a lesson. I was in a lesson doing my forward right change edge spiral when just before I was to have change edge, there was this huge lump on the ice as big as a plate caused from the condensation dripping from the roof. When I saw it, I made the bad mistake of trying to miss it by drastically going out of my circle instead of leaning more into the circle to make my edge deeper and smaller to avoid the lump. I hit my toe pick and crashed down like a tree being chopped down at its trunk and hit my left shoulder bruising it so deeply that I couldnít move it and still canít move it right. Donít worry, Iím in my chiropractorís every week. Unfortunately, at the lower levels you canít test your dances without a partner and even though I had two of them available, my arm would not let me push my partner. Testing freeskate was out too since, I need my arms for taking off on jumps and for my spins.
Iíll have to wait until September or so to test anything and for more training even though we have two more weeks in which to skate.

Need Music For Skating?

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